Step by Step,

How do we make videos?

Process Wheel
Questions, research, kickoff calls, concepting - all that fun stuff.
Taking those ideas we built in the concepting, and building on them more!
Creating the visual narrative for your script, bringing it to life with sketches
Custom auditions to find the PERFECT voice for your brand
Time to turn those sketches into beautiful artwork. Give us a few days :)
The magic happens here. Mixing everything together in animation.
Creating more ambience in your video by customizing the music and sound bed.
Need any last renders, revisions before delivery? Here’s your chance.

Our direct response process for converting with video.

Video is powerful. When used correctly. Here's how to create a sales environment for your message.


Research. Research. And… more research.

The foundation AKA most important because there is no effective communication without understanding first. So ... we survey, dig deep, find whys, hows, simplify your messaging ... to come up with an elegant high level idea.


Put the understanding into works

Don't worry about length. Write out your story in excruciating detail. Keep on re-writing it unti it flows like milk and honey. You cannot write too much at this stage, so let your hands go :)


Simplify details with visuals

Use visuals to simply chunks of text. Find shortcuts to quicker paths of understanding. This is the easiest part of the process if you don't hold back on the first 2 steps. (or if you hire us)

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